Coaching services can help you unlock the treasure stored within you to reach your personal and/or professional goals and dreams. It is a solution-focused strategy that builds on what is already inside of you to solve problems that are interfering with your progress.

Anyone can benefit from coaching because coaching is about growth. Everyone has room to improve and grow. What area of your life just isn’t where you want it to be? Work? Finances? Home? Relationships? Are you doing and being all that God created you to do and be? Are you satisfied with where you are in life? What do you want to change or improve? Need help deciding?

When I was younger, I was a student athlete in several sports,  as well as a soccer coach to a few teams. Every good team coach will emphasize character/heart, fundamentals and skill development – and all with victory in mind. You want every player to agree to a good work ethic, to work as a team, to encourage and inspire one another, even to play for one another. You want them to give it their all while you insure the basic fundamentals are in place to build on. Then you add skill development and raise the bar of expectation to achieve their next level of greatness.

Whether you are a individual “player” or a leader of a team at home or at work, you want to reach the pinnacle of possibility. You want to establish great things because you were made for great things. You wouldn’t be reading this website if you weren’t. You know there is more.

Coaching can help you develop your vision, dreams, and plans and then assist you bringing them to fruition. You deserve to reach your potential. Plus, the world needs you and the unique set of gifts and talents that you carry!  Isn’t it time to invest in your victory? Or will you stay on the sidelines and watch while others live the life they love? Don’t put it off any longer. It’s your time! So what kind of coaching are you looking for?

  1. Life Coaching
    Life Coaching can help with array of areas of life, whether simple or complex. A few examples are: personal and character development, mindset shifts, getting organized, finish what you start, time management, decluttering a home, handling finances, improving your image or communication skills, etc.
  2. Relationship Coaching
    Relationship Coaching focuses on creating or improving relationships with friends, family, and coworkers. Need help with social skills? Are you shy? Do you tend to push others away? Want to start dating? Premarital or couples wanting to improve and enrich their connection? How about improving your parenting skills?
  3. Leadership Coaching
    Are you a team leader who wants to better understand the dynamics of how to manage a team and help them to grow? Struggling with a difficult team player? Have a vision you want to impart to others and get great buy-in for success? What kind of leader are you? Want help in understanding how you are wired and how to use your natural gifting abilities to bring you success and satisfaction in life and work?
  4. Christian Life Coaching
    I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings. With clients who want Christian Life Coaching, we will explore your journey in relationship with Him and improve those areas of life and ministry that you would like to strengthen using a Spirit-led, biblical approach.