I have been treating individuals, couples, and families in private practice for over 13 years. I am honored to be chosen and trusted by clients to help them in an array of areas of difficulty in life. Most of my background, training and experience are focused on helping people come into wholeness in the area of relationships with other people, with themselves, with food/substances, or with God. Although I specialize in marriage and family relationships, eating disorders, and trauma recovery, I also treat other common therapeutic issues:

  1. Children (ages 6 and up):
    School issues, behavior problems, discipline, AD/HD, poor social skills, bullying,trauma, eating disorders, mood disorders 
  2. Adolescents:
     School issues, peer/social problems, drug/alcohol abuse, acting out behaviors, abuse/trauma, depression, anxiety, self-harm issues, eating disorders, body image, self esteem
  3. Individual Adults:
     Depression, anxiety, abuse/trauma, unresolved issues, lack of boundaries,addictions, eating disorders, anger issues, work issues, low self worth, chronic pain or other medical issues, grief and loss, job issues
  4. Couples:
    Premarital, marital, divorce adjustment, remarriage, blended family work, parenting,communication and conflict resolution skills, sexual intimacy issues, infidelity, grief and loss
  5. Family:
    Parenting/discipline issues, conflict resolution, communication, establishing family meetings,step/blended family issues, life stage adjustments, grief and losses, family trauma 
  6. Professionals:
    Performance issues, stress reduction, conflict with co-workers, supervisors
  7. Athletes:
     Performance issues, eating disorders, exercise addiction, body image issues, mental wellness, life moderation skills, stress management 
  8. Christians:
    I offer Christian professional counseling by integrating strong clinical skills with Biblical healing principles. This approach can be used in dealing with any presenting issue, including addressing spiritual struggles, and hearing and connecting with God in a more personal way.  If applicable, Andrew Miller’s HeartSync healing model may be introduced. For more on HeartSync, click here.  For more about The Gold Monarch Healing Center, click here.


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