Know Your Season


Do you know what season you are in? I don't mean, is it Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter? What I mean you know what your present day life is to be focused on? What assignment(s) have you been given? What are you to be focused on? Are you in a season of healing, growth, or rest? It is time to move past the past. Don't fear the unknown future. But instead, focus on today. What has God put in your hands today to manage and steward well? WHO has God put in your life right now and what are you [...]

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  If you would prefer to listen to this message...Click here Supernatural Faith “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” (Hebrews 11:1) Are you a person of FAITH? Or do you often struggle with faith? What if you possessed the gift of faith from God ? Not a faith where you simply believe in God, but a faith where you believe what God says is actually TRUE for you! The Lord gives everyone a measure of faith. But there is also the supernatural gift of faith… the faith of God. We can’t talk about [...]

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The Holiness Process


"The fruit of the Spirit is grown in the soil of adversity." This is what I heard in my spirit as I was studying in Galations 5. In order to grow our character to be more like Christ, we have to embrace the difficult seasons in life and find a new way to respond to them. We cannot respond out of our flesh, our human nature or fallen nature. We must embrace the mind of Christ and use the power of our free will to choose to move in the opposing spirit of what is attacking us in those moments. Instead [...]

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Intimacy with God


It is one thing to know about God. It is quite another to really know Him personally. How close do feel your relationship is to God currently? How do you relate to Him? Do you know His heart of unconditional love for you? Do you see yourself as a servant or as a child of God?  As a young Christian, I grew up being taught about Jesus and knew that He had a Father. But when I read the bible later in life and saw that Jesus had said, "If you have seen me, then you have seen the Father. He [...]

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