Coaching & Mentoring

One of the best ways to get breakthrough, and more personal attention from Cindy, is to sign up for Coaching & Mentoring. One-on-one offers a more personalized approach to your specific needs, however, group programs bring in the benefit of group dynamics, expertise of others and the power of community. Some of the programs are only offered for a limited time. It is better to take action sooner rather than later to be sure you take advantage of the bonuses offered, as well.

One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring

Private Coaching and MentoringLasting transformation takes intentional effort and investment of time, money and energy. Read more about private coaching here:

Whether you want life, leadership, or business coaching and mentoring, you can reach out to my assistant at or click here to get started:

If you need marriage or relationship coaching, click here to get started:

Prophetic Consulting Feeling stuck and in need of a breakthrough? A prophetic consultation is a 30 minute session of strategic and intuitive questioning, led by Holy Spirit, to help bring clarity on your next step forward in any area of life or business. To learn more and schedule a session, click here:

HeartSync Inner Healing Prayer Ministry Cindy is a Qualified HeartSync Minister and trained by founder and creater of HeartSync, Father Andrew Miller. ( A HeartSync Inner Healing session is a one hour session that is a Holy-Spirit led prayer time that helps you to connect to God, hear His voice, and reconcile every part of your heart and mind to God so that deep inner healing takes place. Although you can have significant breakthrough in one session, it is recommended to have at least 3-5 sessions to identify each part of your heart and discover where they are connected to disconnected relationally with Him. HeartSync sessions are $150 for a one hour session. To schedule an Inner Healing session, please email

Group Coaching & Mentoring

Group Coaching Programs Kingdom leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers will level-up their leadership skills in my Whole Hearted Leadership Academy.

In search of a year-long prophetic group mentoring program? Read more about how Whole Hearted Prophet group mentoring can benefit you.

Masterminds It’s time to rise and shine, and join the Inner Circle Mastermind to develop your gifts, improve your relationships, journey as a whole hearted leader, and scale your business or ministry.

Retreats Come refresh, re-focus and renew vision for your life and business at the REVIVE! Mastermind Retreat.

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