My goal is to help YOU reach YOURS. We will work on as much or as little as you choose to. I am an interactive systemic therapist who desires to help bring healing to the whole-person using techniques from various clinical approaches including family systems theory, cognitive behavioral, REBT, strategic, solution-focused, Gestalt, existential and positive psychology. I want to work with you in a team approach to meet your goals for treatment and will look at your issues from a perspective that examines your mental, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual situations. I believe that each area of a person’s life can affect them and [...]




Therapy or counselling is focused on bringing resolution and healing to areas in our lives that are not going well. Oftentimes, therapy will not only look at your present circumstances but will also look into the past to identify root issues where healing or help is needed to bring a person to wholeness.Coaching, on the other hand, focuses more on present-day situations. Coaching offers strategies so that you are able to grow, change, and be empowered to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. You can think of a continuum of wholeness/wellness where therapy clients are often walking in negative numbers and work to progress to [...]

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