Therapy or counselling is focused on bringing resolution and healing to areas in our lives that are not going well. Oftentimes, therapy will not only look at your present circumstances but will also look into the past to identify root issues where healing or help is needed to bring a person to wholeness.

Coaching, on the other hand, focuses more on present-day situations. Coaching offers strategies so that you are able to grow, change, and be empowered to accomplish the goals you want to achieve. You can think of a continuum of wholeness/wellness where therapy clients are often walking in negative numbers and work to progress to zero and beyond, whereas coaching takes you from zero to positive numbers, as high as you want to reach.

All coaches work with your strengths and uncover and draw on your own abilities to achieve the success you want. However, many coaches will simply hold you accountable to the action plan that you set, staying focused only on accomplishing tasks and timeframes and maintaining surface-level success.

When you work with me, I offer you the ability to find true and ongoing success by understanding what beliefs are underlying why you do what you do. We can explore who you say that you are and how you may even sabotage your successes by over-extending your strengths, which in turn become your weaknesses. We can look at your personality profile and motivational gifting and discover strategies to deal with your relationships with others by considering the synergy or the constraints that come about with certain individuals. With my training, experience and expertise in systems theory, psychology, and strategic and solutions focused therapy, I am able to do more than hold you accountable to follow through with tasks. We will also work to equip and empower you to know yourself better and build a new way to perceive and approach life with confidence, and all while living in dominion.

The length of any coaching process is determined by the goals that are to be addressed. It is hard to say exactly how many but after our initial strategy session, I can usually offer a bit of a time line for you. We will, of course, continue to evaluate your progress on your goals for the duration of coaching to determine an end time and completion session.

YES! Due to the nature of coaching, I do offer phone sessions to clients who are on the go or out of town. We can meet in a variety of locations face to face, facetime or skype online, as needed. I also offer email availability for the duration of our coaching time. We will create an individualized package to meet your needs and time requirements to achieve your goals.

A 1-hour initial strategy session is $150. If a 2-hour session is needed, it is $325.

Coaching Packages:

3, 6, 9 and 12 Month Coaching Packages are available and individually tailored to your needs and goals.

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