Improving Emotional Intimacy Through Family Meetings


Have you ever asked your kids about their day at school and get this answer, "fine."? Or ask what they learned and they say, "I don't know. I forgot." Or try to have any conversation with them at any time and it's like pulling teeth? Or is your family more apt to talk over one another while everyone shares, and sometimes shouts, to get their point across? Family communication can be a difficult thing to navigate, but with some simple strategies and an hour of sacred time, your family can not only improve their communication, but their heart connection also. Here's how: Family [...]

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Online Therapy Available Anywhere in Texas


Online therapy saves time and money Did you know that online therapy is showing to be just as effective as face-to-face sessions? It's true! And with a computer, camera and internet, you can have access to therapy on a HIPPA compliant and secure network from the comfort of your home or private office. Participating in online therapy can save you time and money by minimizing time away from work or other duties and keep you off the road and out of traffic, thus saving gas in your car and peace in your mind. And as long as you are [...]

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