“The fruit of the Spirit is grown in the soil of adversity.” This is what I heard in my spirit as I was studying in Galations 5. In order to grow our character to be more like Christ, we have to embrace the difficult seasons in life and find a new way to respond to them. We cannot respond out of our flesh, our human nature or fallen nature. We must embrace the mind of Christ and use the power of our free will to choose to move in the opposing spirit of what is attacking us in those moments. Instead of fear, I choose love. Instead of a harsh word, I return a kind one. I will honor someone who may not deserve it, because I am choosing to be honorable. This is how we enter into our identity as a son or daughter of God. We set our boundaries, filter the lies from the Truth and choose to respond as Jesus would. This is the Holiness Process each believer is in while on the earth. The command to “Love one another” can only really be fulfilled as we learn to forgive others and ourselves, and choose to love regardless. Listen here to The Holiness Process message. 

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