What Happens When I’m Wholehearted?


Where is your heart today? Are the parts of your heart working in harmony with each other and with Jesus? I want you to get alone with the Lord and discover whether you are living from a place of wholeheartedness. Using the HeartSync model, allow God to lead and guide you to the deep places of your heart, entering into an Immanuel Moment, where you tap into a memory of intensely experiencing His presence and His joy.

In your Immanuel Moment, when you’re in a really good place of clear connection with God, ask Him, “Where’s the Emotion part of me? And the Function part of me? And the Guardian part of me? How are they relating with one another? How are they relating with Jesus?


What two things do the parts of my heart need to do?

Now, these parts of your soul – remember, your heart is your soul, your mind, your will, and your emotions – need to be able to connect to Jesus and submit to Jesus. And then, the three parts of your heart – Function, Emotion, Guardian – need to submit to one another. They need to become one, able to “get along,” if you will. When your heart – all parts of your heart – are connected and submitted to Jesus and connected and working in unison with each other – then you are wholehearted.


How does this affect Function, Emotion, and Guardian?

When all three parts of your heart are connected to Jesus and to one another, you’re able to function well, to accomplish much, but not be frazzled. You’re able to have a filter – not a brick wall – but also not any filter at all. You’re able to emotionally express in a healthy and appropriate way. That is wholeheartedness.

I’m able to accomplish because I am whole within myself. I’m not arguing with myself. I’m not negative. I’m connected to Jesus. I have the mind of Christ. My emotions are still there, but they are balanced through Jesus. We must still have healthy boundaries. We still need to have some filters. Not everybody out there is going to be safe, so we need Guardian to still protect and still guard our hearts, because out of it flows the wellspring of life.


What happens to my spirit when my soul is one?

When the parts of your heart connect with Jesus and each other and submit to God, here’s what happens. Your soul is one with the Lord. And then, your spirit is able to rise up, because your soul is submitted to Jesus. It is going to submit to you as well, because your spirit is one with the Lord, and that is truly when you’re living out wholeness.

Now, your spirit is leading your soul. Your soul isn’t going to go away. You know, we talk about the war between the flesh and the spirit. Your spirit man needs to be in charge, but it can only be in charge when your soul is submitted to it. Your soul must submit to your spirit. And the body is just a follower.


What is my original self?

So, your soul must submit to the Lord and submit to your own spirit, and when that happens, your spirit can rise up and truly lead. And that is what we call your original self. This is how God made you to be! When we were talking about identity in the first pillar, this is who we were meant to be – the best version of me!

The very best version of me is wholehearted. I’m able to do all the tasks and accomplish all the things, and greater things even than Jesus did! That’s what He said, not me! (John 14:12)

So, we need all these parts of us, but we need us to be whole and settled and connected to the Lord. And when we’re really able to do that, our heart is surrendered to our spirit, and our spirit-man is leading. And one of the things that I love to ask Jesus is to reveal to me my original self – to introduce me to that part of my identity.


How do I discover my original self?

We have Function, Emotion, and the Guardian parts of our soul, and when they are together and are joined together and submitted to the spirit, that is our original self.

Now, when you do the Immanuel Moment – the next time your practice that – I want you to get into that quiet place with God, enter into that place of joy with Him, remember that memory, let all the thankfulness and gratitude and worship and praise arise, and with your whole heart then ask God, “What does my spirit-man look like? What does my original self look like?”

I can almost guarantee you, your original self will feel or look like a royal co-heir with Christ: someone with grace, and dignity, and strength, and gentleness. And you’re going to have these descriptions of the fruit of the Spirit. But ask the Lord to show you. What does he or she look like? What will they be wearing? You know, I always imagine the white robes, as described in Revelation, but get a sense of that part of you.

The strongest, most connected to God part of you is your spirit-man and your original self. And that is your soul being surrendered to your spirit, which means your heart is whole. It’s not divided, it’s not second-guessing itself, it’s not carrying old wounds, it is completely surrendered. It’s wholeness of heart.


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