Heart Checks



Why Do I Need Heart Checks?

An important element of moving forward in the journey toward wholeness of heart is “checking in” with each of the core parts of our hearts. Are they in a relationship with God? Are they working in cohesion with each other? What conflicts need to be resolved so they are no longer separated from each other and from a loving relationship with Jesus?


What needs to be unpacked to get a whole heart?

To have a whole heart, we must unpack the trauma and the pain. We must recognize that the mindset of our Emotion is a huge part of this, as well as the mindset of Function and of Guardian. We need them to be able to relate with God and to one another. When we are clean and pure-hearted before God, then we’ll be able to see Him more clearly and operate out of the best version of ourselves.


Why is this important?

Maintaining wholeness of heart is an ongoing process. Our hearts don’t stay whole, and then that’s it. We don’t synchronize our hearts and then that’s it. Our hearts divide all the time. The minute you get stressed out – boom! Your heart will divide. Guardian will show up and will go back to wanting to guard. That’s our human nature. Our human nature is so driven! That is the fight between our flesh and our spirit.


Why must I constantly renew my mind?

Since it’s an ongoing process, we must constantly get our soul to submit to our spirit and our spirit to submit to Jesus. That’s why we’re constantly renewing our minds – to change the way we think. We must repent and change the way we think. We must learn to think the way He thinks, in every part of our heart. We’ve got to renew our minds. We need every single aspect of us to do that.


What are some examples of disconnect?

I have worked with people who have known the Lord a long time. In HeartSync sessions with them, they’ve discovered their Function has known God, has punched in the church card, and done all the stuff. But they find, especially when something terrible happens, their Guardian is not trusting God anymore. They’re disconnected. When the parts of their heart are disconnected, their Emotion is carrying all this pain.

Emotion often has an orphan mindset or a victim mindset because, when disconnected from God, it’s experiencing life through pain, torment, loneliness, and fear. I’ve worked with clients who never had the Emotion and Guardian parts of their heart come to the Lord, until we started doing the HeartSync process. Their relationship with God was only through Function.

I’ve had some clients where it was the other way. They’ve had this amazing emotional connection with God, and yet, there’s the Guardian part that still doesn’t fully trust God all the time. And so, it was causing them to be constantly torn.


Why do I need to do heart checks?

To become a wholehearted leader, we need heart checks for inner healing. For personal growth and development, we need to pay attention to our emotions and our mindset within our hearts. I previously shared the scripture about the “inclination of the thoughts of the human heart.” (Genesis 6:5) We need to pay attention to the thoughts of our heart, so we are not double-minded. We want to have an undivided heart toward God.


How do I do a heart check?

As we connect in intimacy and knowing our identity, we do heart checks in the Immanuel Moment, when we are in joy-filled, positive connections with Him as we flow in thankfulness and gratitude. When we are in this place, we then ask, “Is every part of me able to fully connect? Do I feel fully connected?”

Think about your internet or your cell phone. If you have five bars on your phone, you have a strong connection. We sometimes call an Immanuel Moment a “five-bar moment.” Do you five bars of connection with Jesus? A strong connection? Or is it like two bars? And then, maybe your connection failed, and you restart it again.

Ask the Lord to help you discover the different parts of your heart. Primarily, focus on connecting in joy in the Immanuel Moment. If there’s pain, let that pain come up, and just ask God, “What am I believing about You that might be a lie? What am I believing about myself that might be a lie? Is there a disconnect within my own heart where I need to forgive myself? Is there any part of me that when I feel my Guardian show up, a wall comes up, and I’m a little suspicious, or not really sure about people?”

Get in tune with these different parts of you. Pay attention when you respond and interact with people. Where do you sense your Emotion, or your Function, or your Guardian might be in that situation? Are they helping you or holding you back? Are they connecting with your spirit and with God?


We need to know who we really are!

I know this is a little complicated, especially if you’ve never heard any of this before. But to discover a heart that is whole, we need to know who we really are in the deepest part of us. That means getting raw, and real, and vulnerable with God.

What I’m describing to you helps give you the paradigm or the structure of the different parts of our heart, and how it can get divided versus whole. The Immanuel Moment is a super-big tool, because you need a solid, joyful connection with God to discover what these different parts of you are going through, to be able to hear God better.

I want you to really understand this third pillar: wholeness of heart. To be a wholehearted leader, you must go really deep inside your heart and inside your mind. As you begin to discover where you become divided within yourself, you can make sure you are able to reconnect with God and be wholehearted.


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