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Hi, I’m Cindy Hatcher!

Welcome to my website! I am passionate about helping people heal, grow, and realize their dreams in every area of life. As a licensed therapist and counselor, certified professional coach, business owner, and founder of Revive Leadership International, LLC, I provide leadership, relationship, and small business coaching products and services.

It would be my honor to help bring positive change to your life, marriage, or business. I take a Whole Hearted approach with all my work, and my products and services come from a Christian/Kingdom perspective.

I invite you to explore my site to understand more about all the ways I can help you and my philosophies for doing so.

Live Well, Love Deeply, and Lead Boldly!

God bless you!

Leadership, Relationship & Small Business Coach, Cindy Hatcher

Is This You?

You are a believer, dreamer, hard worker, determined to succeed, and have a desire to help others by serving them, but you feel like you are falling short. You are keeping up a good front, wearing whatever mask needed to be strong at work and in your relationship, but you are secretly frustrated, tired, weary, and worn.

Deep down, you KNOW there is more to life than what you are living.

You have tried everything you can think of. You are hanging onto hope and want to believe that breakthrough is around the corner… you just don’t know how to get there. You have prayed. You have tried programs. You have read books. And yet you can’t seem to find the peace or joy that you are lacking in some part of your life.

You know you can’t do it alone and you are determined to keep at it until you see your dreams come to pass.

The good news is: You are not alone. I have been where you are. During my own journey of life, leadership, and especially entrepreneurship, I been through the ups and downs and eventual burnout. But I have also found a path to the other side of it, and back into health and wholeness.

When I was overwhelmed and worn out as a leader and business owner, I went back to the basics: to know God, know myself, and know my calling and purpose. I’ve learned a few things that have kept my eyes on God and living from the Truth that Jesus Christ taught, all while growing in self-love and self-care along the way. I pursued heart healing, mindset renewal, and wisdom from above, as well as from amazing leaders and mentors who are at the top of their game.

Then I found my tribe. The kind of people I could celebrate with, share my struggles and become like family.

I believe I can help teach, impart, and assist you in your journey of healing, growth and eventual success in life and business by finding what it means to live from a whole heart, an empowered mindset, and all while making a difference in the lives around you.

What Do I Mean by “Whole Hearted”?

“Whole Hearted” means a person is mentally/emotionally/relationally/spiritually healthy and mature, has a healed and whole heart, and is fully committed to whatever they put their energy into. Whole Hearted people are passionate people!

We want it all. Whole Hearted folks want success in every area of life and believe that is possible. Work/life balance is a goal, but we all know that not everything will feel balanced or be balanced all at the same time, all the time. It’s more about finding synergy with all the areas of your life and knowing that you are growing in them all.

The Whole Hearted motto: Live Well, Love Deeply, and Lead Boldly!

How I Can Help:

  • Leadership Coaching – They often say it is lonely at the top. When you are in leadership, you know you are tasked with being the one with whom all the responsibilities and decisions will rest, good or bad. And no matter how well you are doing your job, there are always going to be struggles when working with people, leading teams, and processes that don’t always go the way you hope. The pressure leaders face is relentless, and at times, we can become our own worst enemy. I believe anyone can become a leader, and coach people to achieve exactly that.

  • Relationship Coaching – The quality of our relationships is the most important thing in life. We as human beings are wired for relationships. Relationships provide love, connection, belonging, and meaning to our lives. So when they are in conflict or have been damaged by infidelity, disloyalty, or even simply miscommunication or misunderstanding, they can cause deep pain. Through Whole Hearted Relationship Coaching, you’ll learn the tools to improve the health and quality of your relationships, which benefits you as well as those you love.

  • Small Business Coaching – If you are a CEO, founder, or leader of a small business, you have found the right place! Solopreneurs are people who are launching or growing a business essentially all on their own. They wear many hats and do lots of things. And this inevitably keeps you from growing and scaling your business. It’s critical to remember that you need to work ON your business, not just IN your business. Whether you are a solopreneur just starting out or an established small business owner of 50, you will benefit from having a coach and consultant in your corner.

Motivated by Design

Motivated by Design: Become your Best Self by Embracing your God-Given Identity

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do or why others do what they do? Have you struggled with motivation or find yourself feeling misunderstood? We will take a look at your God-given motivational design gifts and how they each represent an aspect of God that He wants released on the earth through you. When you understand your own gift and the gifts of others, you will have greater understanding of God’s intentional plans for your life and relationships. You will also see the patterns and purpose of various personalities and how relationships can have synergy instead of conflict. This study will help guide you into the heart of God for your life and give you understanding on how to become the best version of you and to live a fulfilled life.

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