While sitting with a mentor that I greatly admired and had just met in person, he asked me this incredible question, “Cindy, how can I resource you?”. My first thought in the moment was, “would you personally mentor me?!”. But I was too chicken to say it out loud. So I said the inevitable, “I don’t know”, followed by a long pause. I knew he was probably way too busy to personally mentor me, plus he lived several states away. I was quite intimidated to give my real answer, so I asked for recommendations of any of his many books and resources that he felt would help me through my situation at the time. We had a great talk and he did exactly what I asked. He offered a list of books and audio recordings of topics that applied and certainly did help me. But I often think back with regret and wonder how much faster my journey could have been had I simply asked for mentoring when he made the offer.

Nothing in life will move you faster along than finding a coach or mentor who can bring you an accelerated breakthrough. I’ve always been a student and avid reader. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own personal growth and development, whether through direct or indirect coaching, consulting, courses, training programs and books. Through my work as a coach, therapist and consultant, I’ve discovered wonderful resources that have not only helped me, but have helped many of my clients over the years, too. I’ve also developed my own products to enhance my clients’ journeys towards becoming a better version of themselves in whatever they are striving to improve in their work or home life.

The following are resources I have either created myself, or that I can personally recommend. Please know that although some of these recommended resources are affiliate links where I receive some financial compensation, I ONLY refer and recommend products or services that I can wholeheartedly endorse because I either know the person/creator or have tried the product or service personally.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is the best way to fast-track your journey. On my Coaching & Mentoring page, you will find the various ways you can receive face-to-face or online individual, couple and group coaching or mentoring services. Visit this page if you want: life coaching, leadership coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching, Heart Sync inner healing prayer ministry, prophetic consultations, group coaching, masterminds, retreats, etc.

Learn more about all my coaching and mentoring options here.

Digital Products & e-Courses

If you prefer to ‘do-it-yourself’ but with a digital resource, checkout my Digital Products and e-Courses page. On it, you will find a list of e-courses, e-books, audio files and other downloadable products that you can take, either live or via on-demand video, such as my Journey of a Prophet and Motivated by Design courses.

Check them out here.


On my Books page, you will find all the books that I highly recommend. These recommended reads are a mix of books written by me and others, and cover topics including: leadership, marriage, parenting, mental health, spiritual growth, prophetic ministry, and finances. View my full recommend book list here.

Other Stuff I LOVE To Recommend

These are highly recommended products, services or tools I love!

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