New Clients

1. To book your first appointment, you have three options:

a) Register as a new client online here

b) Call my office at 830-632-5186 and leave a voicemail.

c) Complete the contact form, adding any comments/questions you may have.

My assistant or I will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Appointments are held Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm.

3. Print, complete and bring these forms with you to your first appointment:

a) All Therapy Clients: Read the Notice of Privacy Policy. If you want me to exchange information with someone, such as a doctor or previous therapist, print and complete the Release of Confidential Information Form. If someone else is paying for your sessions, please have them sign the Credit Card Authorization Form.

b) Adult Therapy Clients: Print and complete the Adult Therapy Packet.

c) For Minors in Therapy: Parents, if your child is 13 and up, print and have them complete the Adolescent Intake. If your child is 12 and under, print and help them complete the Child Intake. You will need to also print and complete the Parent Intake for each child.

d) All Coaching Clients: Print and complete the Coaching Client Info/Survey/Contract  and Coaching Packages and Payment Agreement.

4. Insurance (for Therapy clients only): If you choose to use insurance, I currently only accept Tricare and Blue Cross Blue Shield, with whom I am an in-network provider. Remember that in order to use insurance, the identified patient must have a mental health diagnosis whose treatment plan is considered “medically necessary”. Insurances may also restrict how much time and how many sessions you will be able to be seen or treated. I do not accept insurance for online counseling sessions or for marriage/relationship counseling.

For other common Q & A, see the Therapy Page.

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Active Clients:

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Cindy Hatcher
Cindy Hatcher Office

I have been treating individuals, couples, and families in private practice for over 17 years. I am honored to be chosen and trusted by clients to help them in an array of areas of difficulty in life.

Most of my background, training and experience are focused on helping people come into wholeness in the area of relationships with other people, with themselves, with food/substances, or with God.

Although I specialize in marriage and family relationships, eating disorders, and trauma recovery, I also treat other common therapeutic issues.

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