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Ways to Work With Cindy

I wear many hats and enjoy tailoring my services to meet your needs. What are you interested in? Clinical or Marriage and Family Therapy? Explore the Therapy page. Need a Speaker or Trainer for your event? Explore the Speaking page. Want help restoring or growing the vision inside of you? Explore the Coaching page. Want to discover your Motivational Design Gift? Take the free quiz here:


Coaching services can help you unlock the treasure stored within you to reach your personal and/or professional goals and dreams. It is [...]


The more people I can encourage and empower towards positive change, the better I am able to fulfill my passion in [...]


I have been treating individuals, couples, and families in private practice for over 17 years. I am honored to be chosen and [...]

Cindy Hatcher - Overlapping Circles Areas of Specialty
Therapy/Healing + Ministry = add HeartSync Inner Healing Prayer ministry as a tool in Therapy
Therapy/Healing + Speaking/Trainer  = Relationship or Mental Health Psycho-education (ie: speaking at schools on Eating Disorders)

Speaking/Trainer + Christian Ministry = School of Supernatural Ministry –  Equipping Saints for the work of ministry

Coaching/Growth + Training + Ministry = Christian Life and Leadership Coaching (personal and professional coaching and consulting)

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My wife and I began going to Cindy as a couple when we started to have a communication breakdown in our relationship. Little did we realize the depths of the work that needed to be done. Through Cindy’s counseling and ministry, I am happy to say that our marriage is more fruitful and joyful than ever, and my wife and I are excelling individually in our own lives more so than we could have imagined. And we are really growing in our relationship with God together. I cannot say enough good things about Cindy’s counseling and approach.



We would like to recommend to you Cindy Hatcher as a mentor, coach, teacher, therapist or friend.  We have known her for a number of years and have found in her a true friend of Jesus and a friend of ours.  Jesus said to His disciples that He no longer called them servants but called them friends.  We believe Cindy has become more than a servant but has become His friend..  we have watched her pursue His heart, study to show herself approved and ministered His heart to many, many people.  She is a woman of wisdom, compassion and a truth speaker.  We would encourage you to avail yourself of her ministry.

Jim and Pat Banks, House of Healing Ministries
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