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Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching with Cindy HatcherSmall Business Coaching and Consulting

If you are a CEO, founder, or leader of a small business, you have found the right place! Solopreneurs are people who are launching or growing a business essentially all on their own. They wear many hats and do lots of things. And this inevitably keeps you from growing and scaling your business. When you begin to hire and build a team of 2, 5, 10, or 50, you will need to create a culture and put systems in place to succeed. It’s critical to remember that you need to work ON your business, not just IN your business. Which is why Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching is so powerful.

Whether you are a solopreneur just starting out or an established small business owner of 50, you will benefit from having a Whole Hearted Small Business coach and consultant in your corner.

About Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching and Consulting

When running a business, there is so much do to and think about. You need to do market research, know your ideal customer profile, niche down to your field of favor, then have an organic or paid marketing strategy to get the leads in the door. But then there are tasks like selling to bring in revenue while also building positive rapport with your clients. Once the sale is a yes!, then you must address fulfillment on the product or service, and you want that customer experience to be the best it can be so they will come back for more and refer their friends to your small business, too!

Coaching and consulting on your small business will help get you out of your head and deliver clarity on your next steps, no matter where you are in your business. Accountability will be given to help you take the necessary action and to do it quickly. You will overcome the over-thinking, perfectionistic mindset as well as the orphan/victim/scarcity mindset. You will find motivation, create momentum, and “fail forward” towards your goals, all while learning in the process.

Who Benefits from Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching?

Anyone who runs a small business of less than 50 employees and needs help with:

  • Overcoming stress, overwhelm, confusion, anger, irritability, sadness, disillusionment, disappointment and more
  • Clarity or growth in your marketing, sales and fulfillment, in your offers, in your ads, and in your business systems in general
  • Your team/employees and how to create a more positive work environment
  • Online business growth

Ways Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching Improves your Business

Working with a business coach can improve your sales, help you find the solution to a problem, and gain the breakthrough you need for your business. Coaching also gives you outside perspective into your business operations, fulfillment, and marketing. Continue moving forward in your business while growing in a sustainable, manageable way through whole hearted small business coaching.

My Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching Services

Each Small Business Coaching and Consulting service is tailored to the owner and/or business itself and its needs. You can either request a single strategy session where I help you get clear on your next steps or a single session of prophetic consulting, where I use my intuitive and prophetic gifts to help you reach breakthrough on a very specific issue. You also have the option of a DIY (do it yourself), DWY (do with you), or DFY (do for you) for most requests. We will only know which approach is best after a single strategy session, however.

Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching Options #1 & #2

If you want a single hour of strategy where we brainstorm and create an action plan for your next steps, with or without me, you can book a single strategy session of business coaching for $350 here:

If you’re in search of a more comprehensive online business strategy, you can get a personalized consulting package after a strategy session, where we can discuss your needs and decide what is best for me to assist you with. For example, I can help you strategize a way to market your service online and the various tools you will need to build and create things like funnels or graphics. I may strategize how you market, sell, and fulfill differently than you are now to help you grow and scale. I can give you all the things to DIY, I can offer you a DWY in coaching and literally helping build a funnel or landing page, or I can offer you a DFY where I will take care of creating and executing the plan. Price points are anywhere from $350-$15K or more, depending on the offer and need. The personalized online business strategy package begins with a single strategy session, which you can book here.

Whole Hearted Small Business Coaching Options #3 & #4

You may feel like the first two options aren’t quite the right fit for your needs.

  • If leadership coaching is more of what you’re looking for, you can get individual Leadership Coaching here.
  • If prophetic consulting (Holy Spirit-led session that is laser-focused on a specific breakthrough, often in mindset issues or a practical situation) is the best solution for your small business coaching needs, please visit: to get started.

Note: If you aren’t sure which business coaching option is the best fit for you and your needs, please email:

About Cindy and Whole Hearted Coaching

Cindy Hatcher is a kingdom entrepreneur who loves to help other kingdom entrepreneurs become Whole Hearted Leaders in life and business. To this end, she loves to help people become entrepreneurs with their “side hustle” or hobby and cause it to grow and make money. Cindy not only runs a successful 20 year old private practice as a therapist, she is the CEO and founder of Revive Leadership International, LLC. She is an affiliate marketer for several other businesses and is an ambassador for a pure, clean, and waterless skincare company. She just can’t help but do business as well as be about her Father’s business, expanding the Kingdom of God.

Whole Hearted Coaching in any form, whether Life, Leadership, Relationship/Marriage or Small Business Coaching, is centered around people becoming Whole Hearted Leaders who live well, love deeply, and lead boldly in their spheres of influence.

Cindy‘s mastermind group has been monumental to my growth, both personally and professionally. I have had some “Ah ha!” moments as things are discussed, bringing solutions to problems that were hindering my success. It has made such an impact on my ability to resolve things in a way I had not considered previously. I am so thankful she is teaching me to think outside my box.
Jeannie Nobles, Certified Health Coach
Administrator of Living Water Healing Center
Spring Branch, Texas
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