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They often say it is lonely at the top. When you are in leadership, you know you are tasked with being the one with whom all the responsibilities and decisions will rest, good or bad. And no matter how well you are doing your job, there are always going to be struggles when working with people, leading teams, and processes that don’t always go the way you hope. The pressure leaders face is relentless, and at times, we can become our own worst enemy. This is where Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching comes in.

Whether you are a CEO of your own business or you are in a leadership role in your line of work, you are being called on to take charge and make things happen. When you are a leader, you have influence.

Now, I believe anyone can become a leader. However, not everyone will take on the commitment to become a GREAT leader.

Great Leaders are Whole Hearted Leaders

I believe that great leaders are Whole Hearted Leaders. So, what is a Whole Hearted Leader? A Whole Hearted Leader is one who:

  1. Knows their identity Whole Hearted Leaders know who they are and whose they are. They are confident and not arrogant. They are secure in their skillsets and knowledgeable in their work. They are self aware and have emotional intelligence. They know they are loved and love themselves, too. They know and trust God, and have faith that all things are possible for those who believe.
  2. Has healthy intimacy with God and others They know how to connect in intimacy with God, have a hunger for the Kingdom, and love to worship. They are teachable, humble, and loving. They are able to hold space for others and have healthy boundaries, too. They are able to be vulnerable and transparent at the appropriate levels with people. Whole Hearted Leaders have friends and family who know and trust them, and can vouch for their character. They are on a journey of developing healthy relationships of all kinds: mentors, peers and mentees.
  3. Has Wholeness of Heart Their heart is whole, and not in a state of deep division. They are not victims but victors. Whole Hearted Leaders are intentionally pursuing inner healing and dealing with triggers as they happen. They are humble, teachable, vulnerable, but also full of joy, hope and peace. They are a resource to others. They have abundance and are generous with others. They are wise and give wise counsel. They are safe and good listeners.
  4. Has holiness in their character Whole Hearted Leaders understand that only Jesus can make them holy and set apart for good use. So their character growth and maturity reflects the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. They know how to embrace suffering to develop perseverance that develops the character of Christ, which develops hope, a happy certainty of good things coming.

How can leaders continue to grow and work to become Whole Hearted? Through leadership coaching.

What is Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching?

Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching is a partnership of helping a leader become the best they can be, and making a positive impact in what they do and who they serve. Coaching will help them to identify and grow their motivational design, live from their strengths, and influence those around them to become leaders themselves.

Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching helps empower you so you can empower others.

Who Benefits from Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching?

Anyone can benefit from Coaching. In our Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching program, we will identify and develop your motivational design, your purpose, your passions, your skillsets, and your vision for who you are at your best. The fruit of your transformation will be the measurable benefits that come with a healthier environment and culture around you, healthier team around you, and success in the metrics you want to impact.

In a nutshell, everyone in an organization benefits from healthy Whole Hearted Leaders.

How Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching Helps You

In addition to the benefits and skills to be gained that are discussed above, Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching will also help you with your people skills. You will grow in confidence in your communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and relationship skills. You will listen better, speak more confidently and clearly, and draw the best out of the people around you.

My Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching Services

Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching is a private, one-on-one coaching service that helps a leader address personal growth and development as well as professional growth and development. Coaching can include various assessments and tools, including getting feedback from others around you. We will identify where you are today and where you want to be when we are done working together. Actionable goals – that are also measurable goals – will be developed.

Learn more about my coaching options below:

Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching Option #1

Monthly packages include:

  • One month of coaching
  • Weekly sessions via in-person, Zoom, or phone
  • Unlimited access to Cindy via Voxer app for texts and voice messaging whenever you need it for questions, accountability, etc.

Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching Option #2

3- or 6-Month packages include:

  • Weekly sessions via in-person, Zoom, or phone
  • Unlimited access to Cindy via Voxer app for texts and voice messaging whenever you need it for questions, accountability, etc.
  • Recommended book bundle and any of Cindy’s digital resources as created in your strategic action plan.

Note: Before we begin any coaching package, we first book a single coaching session. During that session, we clarify goals and customize your coaching plan together. If you are ready to begin, please click to schedule your initial, single session.

About Cindy and Whole Hearted Leadership Coaching

Cindy Hatcher has been in leadership her whole life, starting as the eldest sister of four in her family. God’s wiring in her as a leader would show up in many places over the course of her life. Currently, she owns and operates a private practice as a therapist, is on leadership at her local church staff, and serves in various leadership roles in her community. She is also the CEO and founder of Revive Leadership International, LLC, where she provides life, leadership, relationship, and small business coaching and consulting, HeartSync inner healing ministry, prophetic consulting, and training, especially for kingdom entrepreneurs in her masterminds and retreats.

As for faith/religious perspective, Cindy’s primary audience is faith-based, however, as a professionally trained therapist and coach, she has, and does, work with clients of all backgrounds, faith or no-faith. She honors every client’s right to self-determination and your core values will be respected, appreciated and honored. Cindy says all the time, “you will live what you believe”. What you believe matters because it determines your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. She will take the time to discover this in your intake session, as well as what doesn’t seem congruent to what you are living. This is why life and leadership coaching is so amazing! It’s not about what she believes, but what you believe, what you desire, and what you see as missing in your life, or what you are wanting to create in your life. Cindy also often says, “build the life you want”. This is the goal of doing life or leadership coaching with her…to create the life you desire, to the best of your ability, and to become the best version of you.

The only way to really get to know Cindy, and see if you are a good fit, is to have that initial intake session with her.

Cindy Hatcher is a leader of leaders. She stretches and inspires others to “dream… bigger.” She is committed to cultivating world changers while consistently holding each one accountable to his/her purposes. Cindy’s authenticity and deep inner-strength attracted me to The Whole Hearted Leader Community and Inner Circle Mastermind. Without a doubt, Cindy’s mentorship ranks in the top three things that have impacted me personally, professionally and spiritually. She provides a safe place for leaders to become transparent and vulnerable in times of uncertainty. Cindy is genuinely interested in my success. I highly recommend her to anyone committed to expanding their capacity in every area of life.
Mechelle Salmon, CEO, HisCentre.com
City Councilwoman, Place 6

Bulverde, Texas
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