Digital Products & Courses

Looking for some of Cindy’s Digital Products and Courses so you can DIY your growth? Check out each of the offerings below.

(Please note: Not all courses in the Whole Hearted Leadership Academy Membership Vault are listed for individual public purchase.)

Journey of a Prophet Course

Discover and confirm if you are called as a five-fold office prophet (and learn how to succeed as one) in my Journey of a Prophet course.

Journey of a Prophet Interview Bundle

Get lifetime access to my 17-guest (and growing)  Journey of a Prophet Interview Bundle.

Motivated by Design Course

Discover God’s intentional plan for your purpose in my Motivated by Design e-course.

Motivated by Design Guide Book

See all of your relationships improve thanks to gaining insight on all 7 gifts. Get the Guidebook here.

Motivated by Design Quiz (Free)

Learn why you do what you do (and what God intended when He created you) with this free motivational design gift quiz.

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