THE WHOLEHEARTED LEADER: When Things Don’t Go the Way We Want


THE WHOLEHEARTED LEADER PILLAR 4: Holiness of Character When Things Don’t Go the Way We Want   Patience! Now, this is a fruit of the Spirit, and you cannot get rid of this one! Patience is all about longsuffering, and this can be tough! Patience is a virtue. So, how do we grow in the quality or characteristic of patience? You might not like the answer!   How do we grow in patience? You’ve got to go through some suffering! And you have to persevere through it. Be careful about asking the Lord to teach patience. Patience is learned through those [...]

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Kingdom Character: Growing in Patience


When you have to stand in line, what is your attitude like? Be honest! If you’re like me, you probably struggle a bit with keeping a patient attitude. And the truth is, none of us ever chooses to stand in the longest line at the grocery store! Likewise, have you ever had someone tell you, “Don’t pray for patience because then the trial will come”? But we do want the characteristic of patience displayed in us because our Father is so patient with us. Let’s take a close look at how to cultivate more patience in our lives. Patience is Related [...]

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