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Jesus is longing for you to experience His vast love and to have wholeness of heart, so you can intimately know Him and experience the abundance and joy He came to give.

A valuable tool for wholeness of heart is the HeartSync model of inner healing – allowing Jesus to connect with each part of our heart (Emotion, Function, and Guardian) and then having those parts connect with each other and work in sync. One tool that HeartSync uses is the Immanuel Moment – allowing the Lord to take you to a place in your past where you were particularly aware of being connected with Him in peace and/or joy, and building capacity for joy in that Divine Connection with Him.

I have gone through HeartSync prayer sessions for my own inner healing – it’s an ongoing journey, right? I’ve also been trained as a HeartSync facilitator to guide other people through prayer sessions into deeper intimacy with God, building up their joy capacity and experiencing inner healing.

I want to share a time that I was going through a HeartSync prayer session, connecting into a place of joy through an Immanuel Moment. I want to share my HeartSync session with you now, to give you an idea of how it helped me engage with each part of my heart and how the parts of my heart engaged with Jesus and with one another.


Where did my HeartSync Session take me?

Some time ago, I led a team of ladies on a mission trip in Thailand. While there, we had a fun activity as a team. Maybe you remember back in the ’80s there were those little photoshops called “Glamor Shots.” They would dress you up, put all kinds of heavy makeup on you, do your hair, and all of that. And then they took all these photos that made everyone look amazing.

So, when we were in Thailand, we found this little photoshop where they dressed you up like the Thai royal family and took your picture. And it was so much fun! We had a blast – all of us are in these gold crowns, and jewelry, and beautiful satin gowns, and had our makeup done and our pictures taken.

And so, later, in a HeartSync prayer session, God took me to that place to remind me of that joyful connection I had with Him there in Thailand. He reminded me how much fun we had, just embracing that royal identity of who He said we were. And we were laughing and having so much fun. And this is what happened in my Immanuel Moment during my HeartSync session. But then we connected with each of the parts of my heart.


How did Emotion look?

My Emotion connected with Jesus the fastest. He showed me my Emotion was on display there with Him, having so much fun and joy. I was wearing purple and gold, with my hair up. Jesus was standing right next to the photographer, a beautiful Thai woman. And then He took over taking pictures with the camera and had so much fun with Emotion. And He showed me, “I was connecting with your Emotion Identity that day.”


How did Function look?

And then, in my prayer session, the Heart-sync facilitator asked me, “Well, where was your Function Identity?” I saw Function came out from behind the curtain and walk toward the photographer. Function had her hair down, longer than normal, and very formal. She came out in sapphire blue, a royal blue gown, but very prim and proper – because God is holy! My Function came out, and engaged with Jesus, in this almost cautious, holy, fear-of-the-Lord connection.

There was a bit of a disconnect in my Function with Jesus because it was about performance in that season of my life. I honored Jesus, but He’s holy! He’s God! And the Function part of my heart didn’t know how to connect and how to respond in this place. And so, Jesus, in His gentleness, moved my hair over, posed me, took pictures. He was able to do that with Function.

And then we just had reconciliation. Function and Emotion actually got along with each other. Remember, sometimes Function and Emotion are fighting each other inside our hearts. This is where self-hatred comes from – this internal dialogue, this negative self-talk, going on when Emotion and Function aren’t working in sync. So, we have to check in with each part of our hearts, and each part needs to connect with Jesus.


How did Guardian look?

Then, the facilitator asked me, “Well, where’s Guardian?” And I felt Guardian hovering, watching the scene, and she was like, “Oh! I’ve got to come down?” She came down. My Guardian was like one of the Amazon women from Wonder Woman, and she had on a royal soldier’s uniform – like a Roman Centurion soldier. She said, “I’m not wearing a dress. Thank you very much.” LOL. So, that’s my Guardian!

She had on red and gold. And she had on a helmet and the little spiky flair at the top, she had on the breastplate, she was wearing boots. And Jesus had her lay down her sword and her shield, so she could participate in the photo op. And, this sounds crazy, I know. But listen, I’m telling you, you can’t make this stuff up.


How did each part of my heart engage?

So, I engaged with each of these parts of my heart. They were able to engage with Jesus and able to join with each other. This was in a season when my heart was pretty whole and well-connected. The only place of disconnect I really felt was this part of Function where she felt she had to perform. But Jesus did some interesting things in my HeartSync process there, to help her feel calm and connected and rejoin with God.


What was another time I felt whole?

Then, my facilitator asked, “When was another time all these parts of your heart really felt this whole together? When you felt this good with one another – wholehearted and with Jesus?” And boom! I saw a picture of me on the soccer field. I played soccer ever since I was nine years old. We would travel all over the country for club soccer. So, soccer was a big sport for me, growing up.

And I pictured us, the parts of my heart, on the soccer field, and Jesus, as funny as this sounds, was in a black and white soccer uniform. And my Function had on a blue and white uniform, my Guardian had a red and white uniform, and my Emotion had a purple and white uniform. And we were kicking the ball around together.

I remember thinking, “Oh! My heart was definitely whole then!” I loved soccer because I was good at it, so my Function was like, “Hey! I’m really good at this!” My Emotion was able to participate in the enjoyment and fun, and also my Guardian, this warrior part of me that loves a good fight and competition and loves to win. All those parts of me were connected to Jesus and connected to one another. That is what it looked and felt like for the parts of my heart to be whole and engage with one another.

So, the HeartSync process helps us recall memories of Divine Connection, using the Immanuel Moment technique, to grow our intimacy with God. Then as we discover where the different parts of our hearts are in their relational connection to Jesus. We work with each core part of the heart to help them connect with Jesus and work smoothly in sync with one another. When that happens, we have wholeness of heart!

“Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” Psalm 86:11


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