See! Advance! Shout! Advancing in the Presence of God


Do you have a stronghold in your life?  Perhaps you need a physical or an emotional healing?  Perhaps there’s some problem that blocking the fullness of life in your marriage, your family, your career or ministry.  Or perhaps the stronghold is in your mind – negative thinking that is preventing you from moving forward – that needs to be taken captive. Joshua had a literal stronghold – the great fortress city of Jericho.  And God had given him three keywords on how to take the city:  See!  Advance!  Shout! What did God mean by “see?” “See!  I have delivered Jericho into [...]

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See! Advance! Shout! Seeing What God Is Seeing


Something’s been stirring in my spirit about those times when we’re sort of hovering in the same place.    Do you ever feel like you’re sort of circling around the mountain – going through the same thing over and over, and not seeming to get results? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I think the Lord wants to highlight times and seasons of transition for us – to help us to see that He’s doing a new thing – not an old thing.  Sometimes, as we walk with the Lord, we may feel like we’re going backward, but we’re actually moving forward. He heals [...]

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